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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, more commonly seen in its abbreviated format, BJJ, is primarily a ground-based (grappling) martial art. Known as the “gentle art”, BJJ focuses on techniques that optimize positioning, leverages and pressure to submit or control an opponent. Here's our opinion on why we think you should incorporate BJJ in your life.

We offer instruction for all levels. Our goal is to help you to excel at your personal best on the mats as well as in life. Check out our YouTube videos below.

1. Real-Life Application

BJJ has been popularized by MMA, but the sport goes beyond wanting to be a cage-fighter (hey, it’s cool if you want to do that too). The knowledge and skills obtained in the sport is unwaveringly applicable to situations that we hope you never have to encounter. Understanding leverages and how to manipulate the human body can be advantageous. We are not stating that you are going to be able to tackle any street fight or that you will respond to an elevated situation as you would in class, but the knowledge you learn may help you to be more confident. As you learn this martial arts sport, you'll begin to see how these techniques can be very useful and almost become second nature with consistent training of BJJ.

Sam winning in BJJ competition

2. Develop A Healthy Lifestyle

It is a no-brainer that you’ll be more successful in sustaining a healthy lifestyle if you enjoy the healthy habit. Although BJJ primarily takes place on the ground, that doesn't mean you're not active in the sport - if anything, you work even harder! Beyond learning valuable skills and techniques, you’ll learn to stay active and perhaps even feel encouraged to do other things that may help progress your BJJ such as strength training.

Sam in competition

3. It's A Challenging Lifelong Martial Art

BJJ is not a martial art that you can master quickly. BJJ is often referred to as a chess game, and with that, it keeps the martial art always challenging and interesting. There are five main belt levels for adults: white, blue, brown, purple, and black. There are belts beyond black, but those are quite rare to see. Belt promotions are not easily obtained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and this martial arts sport is continually evolving which makes it both fun and challenging to be a part of. You'll never find the training stale, and as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu's popularity continues to grow, so will the number of competitions which will allow practitioners to truly put their skills to the test.

Matt drilling techniques in class

4. It's For Everyone

We have students from 10 years-old to almost 50 years-old, from all walks of life. Often times, you'll form new friendships and connections from people within your community, and that is because the interest in learning BJJ is not set on any certain demographic. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can benefit almost anyone and in most cases, there is nothing additional to need to do in order to start.

If you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor before beginning any type of physical training.

Peter getting a submission in class

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